Alt. Wiki Information Form for Individuals

Wiki Information Form

In order to create a wiki article we need some guidance. The forms below are organized into the most common sections found in biographical wiki articles. Please fill out the fields below to the best of your ability. While the sections below are the most commonly used, there is an area at the end where you can add a custom section as well

It is important that URLs (web addresses) that support statements are included. For example, if you made the statement “why the sky is blue” you would provide a URL to third-party published proof, such as this article

Whenever possible, do not use a personal website, LinkedIn, or other personally controlled publication for references. Editors may remove or simply not be able to use self-referencing material. 

If you run out of room, any additional links for references can be added in the Notes section at the end

1. Biographical Summary

Please provide a concise summary or biography here. You can copy and paste into the Biography – Statement field below, or create it anew. When appropriate add Reference URLs as well.

Early Life / Education

You’ve provided your biography above, but now we need specific call-outs of facts and accomplishments. This way we know what to highlight.

Statements and References

Most statements made on a Wiki require a reference URL (full web address) for support. For example, on Steve Jobs Wiki article it states that “Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955….“. In order to prove that statement a URL to an article supporting that fact is provided – in the Steve Jobs example it might be

Please provide important statements, and a reference URL for each, below.

Note: We have provided examples of common Wiki headings for individuals like Early Life, Education, Career, as well as a Generic section to add your own section and references as you feel appropriate. 

Career Section

Please provide various Career Statements. For each Career Statement include a Reference URL separately. Remember, even though you provided a biography at the top, these specific call-outs will be important for us to craft your wiki properly.

Example: If you were supplying information on C. Everett Koops’ Wiki about his medical career you might make the statement “Koop was able to establish the nation’s first neonatal surgical intensive care unit in 1956.” in the Career Statement 1 field. Then, to support the statement you would provide a URL to something that supports that statement such as in the Career – Reference URL field below it. 

There are areas for three distinct statements below. Please fill out at least one. 

Personal Life Section

Please provide statements and URLs to published references about personal life. This section is optional. 

Awards and Honors Section

Please provide statements and URLs to published references about awards and honors. This section is optional. 

Custom Section

If the sections above are not sufficient, please add your own section here. Remember to add Reference URLs for each important statement. 

If you have more references than there are fields available, please add those references in the Notes section below. A brief statement about why each additional reference will help our content creators to better understand the context. 


Use this section to provide any additional notes you may have.